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Actofit: auto-track your gym workouts

Actofit: auto-track your gym workouts

This is a wearable that tracks not only your steps & heart rate but goes deeper into advanced motion tracking to auto track comprehensive & granular workout statistics; creating seamless logs & allowing you to evaluate data to make informed decisions.

The device promises to auto-track 75+ gym exercises and count sets and repetitions. You will get various analytics including velocity, power, force, energy burn, explosive strength, one rep max and tonnage.

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It will also evaluate your form. Any exercise you perform is correlated against the database of expert fitness trainers exercise forms and compared for differences in speed, trajectory and range of motion. Alternatively, you can or your personal trainer can train the network. The software platform allows users to add or customize any kind of motion and track it, which has applications across different sports, yoga, physiotherapy and more.

Finally, the wearable also functions as a standard fitness tracker keeping tabs on your activity, heart rate, sleep and providing you with notifications.


Price: $99

Goal: $50,000
Close: 25 Nov 2016
Estimated delivery: December 2016

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Actofit: auto-track your gym workouts

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