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Basis extends refunding program to B1 Band owners

Intel subsidiary Basis reaffirmed plans this week to shut down its fitness platform on December 31st. It also extended its refunding program to Basis B1 Band owners. The initial recall didn’t affect older Basis devices.

“Today we are letting you know that we will soon stop support for our legacy watch, the Basis B1,” the company wrote in an email to Basis customers.

“The B1 has been a central part of our community for 4 wonderful years and we made the difficult decision to stop all services effective December 31, 2016. This means that your watch will no longer function after that date. We know that many of you will be disappointed by our decision and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.”

Basis extends refunding program to B1 Band owners
Image source: Basis

The company first sent a statement in June about overheating issues. Apparently, a small number of people reported that their Peak watches overheated, and in some cases caused discomfort, blistering or burns on their wrist under the watch body.

The number of reported cases was very small, approximately 1 in 500 watches sold. It seems that the problems first started back in late 2014, which means the company has not exactly been lightning quick in reacting to the complaints.

If you are a Basis Peak or Basis B1 owner, you can return your watch and any accessories for a full refund by applying on this page. Basis recommends you download your old fitness data before the end of this year. Your fitness data will be delivered in a .ZIP document containing a series of .CSV files.

A company spokesman said he couldn’t estimate how many Basis Science devices had been sold, and it doesn’t seem to us that a replacement product will be developed any time soon.

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