Nuvi: the next generation sleep aid mask

Nuvi: the next generation sleep aid mask

We all know sleep is important. It plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

Better sleep starts by knowing what’s happening at night. While this industry is still in its infancy, there has already been a boom in health and fitness wearables offering advanced sleep tracking.

Nuvi is the latest addition to the wealth of devices on offer. The wearable addresses the sleep-related issues that are part of the fast-paced, modern lifestyle for many people. It is primarily aimed at those that suffer from insomnia, jet lag, or who simply want to improve their well-being.

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The system consists of a smart sleeping mask and an accompanying smartphone app. The sleeping mask is embedded with a Bluetooth system, slim speakers, and lighting LEDs which provide an optional blue light function to ease depression and improve mood.

The speakers connect with the user’s smartphone where the app plays the chosen audio therapy. There are 6 programs to choose from: Easy Sleep, Smart Deep Sleep Booster, Smart Wake Up, Power Nap, Light Energizer and Jet Lag Adjust program. All of the programs are operated via the mobile phone app.

Nuvi promises to improve brain wave patterns and help users relax and fall asleep. It also enhances deep sleep, which is known to be necessary for creativity, concentration, and a positive mindset.

The company is now raising funds via Kickstarter, and with a month to go is well above their intended $3,000 goal.

Price: $49 and up

Funding successful:
$8,955 pledged of $3,000 goal
Funding closes on December 6th

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Nuvi: the next generation sleep aid mask

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One thought on “Nuvi: the next generation sleep aid mask

  • Buyer beware! This product may be a huge scam . Ordered off indiegogo in December 2016 and other than taking my money I have never received the two Nuvi’s I was anticipating in March of 2016, then it was to be April, nothing by June….have contacted the “CEO” William Sung in July, September, November and twice in December. He has never responded. On kickstarted there are many unhappy consumers who either found the product to be junk or also have never received it nor responses to their inquiries as to where the Nuvi is. Good luck with this product and the “company” that produces it!


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