BioRing – the personal trainer on your finger

BioRing – the personal trainer on your fingerBioRing is a device that measures both nutrition and stress in addition to the standard activity tracking metrics, giving you a detailed breakdown of the food you are eating and helping you manage your weight.

The Scandinavian company’s ring is equipped with three sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer, a Bio-impedance sensor and an optical HR sensor. These sensors send raw data to the smartphone app, where the proprietary algorithm calculates: calorie, carbs, fat and protein intake; calorie, carbs and fat burn; heart rate; heart health; sleep level; water level; stress level; activity intensity; and distance and steps.

An impressive list, indeed. The sensor also measures how long your glucose level stays inflated and how long it takes to drop back to normal.

We saw a similar campaign a couple of years ago from a Russian outfit that launched Healbe. The device did eventually make it to the market – with very mixed reviews. From those that claimed it did not work, to those that were able to make sense of some of the data.

Price: $199

Funding closed:
$735,218 USD total funds raised
866% funded on August 14, 2016

Estimated delivery: November 2016


UPDATE (8/11/2016)
It seems the campaign has been shut down. These are the dangers of backing a crowdfunded project. Indegogo has just posted the following message:
BioRing – the personal trainer on your finger


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BioRing – the personal trainer on your finger

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