Microsoft’s cancelled Moonraker smartwatch shown in leaked video

Back when Apple was working on its first smartwatch, Nokia was working on a smart wearable of its own.

The Finish company’s device, codenamed Moonraker, came close to launching, but was ultimately cancelled by Microsoft right after it bought Nokia’s mobile division. There were reports claiming that the device was even shown off to select attendees at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

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Various images have emerged since last year of the unannounced smartwatch. Leaked information about its functions indicates that it would have been a viable device. Particularly when you take into consideration it was set to launch nearly two years ago.

Moonraker resembles the Apple watch in design, and features swipe-based navigation and a physical button for switching between the home and standby screen.


The smartwatch would have supported email, phone calls, messaging, third party notifications, configurable watch faces and wallpapers, and it was due to have a market place for apps. Users would even be able to use the watch as a phone camera remote control.

Its fitness tracking features were a bit on the thin side and do not go beyond a pedometer. Fitness tracking is a major attraction for the current crop of devices.

The leaked Moonraker images show what might have been. Now for the first time, a video was posted of an actual device indicating that it had reached the production stage. Have a look below.


As mentioned, the device never saw the light of day primarily because Microsoft tossed it in the bin in anticipation of its wearable Band. The tech giant’s first generation Band was packed with sensors and included tracking of steps and activity, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, estimated calories and kept tabs on sleep – all displayed on a decent color touchscreen display. In October 2015, Microsoft threw in a few more sensors into a second generation device.

Its safe to say its unlikely we will ever see a retail version of the Moonraker. For that matter, we are not too sure we will even see a third version of the Band. Microsoft has recently removed the wearable from its online store and indicated it has no immediate plans to release a third generation tracker.

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Nokia itself may jump back into wearable tech with a device of its own. Not too long ago, it announced plans to widen its Articles of Association to include a list of new targets including “consumer wearables”. Earlier this year Nokia snapped up Withings, a well known manufacturer of health and fitness gadgets and wearables – the same company behind wearables like the Activité Steel HR.

If its first effort is anything to go by, lets hope the Finish company is not done with consumer wearables just yet.

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