Kryo: the app controlled cooling mattress

Kryo: the app controlled cooling mattress

Over a 24 hour period, our internal body temperature fluctuates. It is usually at its highest in the early afternoon and lowest around 5am. When we fall asleep, our bodies naturally cool off. Helping your body get to that lower temperature faster can encourage deeper sleep. Science has shown, humans sleep better when it’s cooler.

Kryo, with its water-based temperature control system, allows you to adjust the temperature of your mattress in one-degree increments to as low as 60℉ (15.5℃). This has the potential to help you fall asleep faster, increase the quality of REM sleep and lower the risk of metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

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With its WiFi-enabled smartphone app, you can control the preferred temperature of your mattress directly from your phone. You can even set a weekly schedule to ensure your mattress stays at the ideal temperature, program changes throughout the night and set an alarm to (literally) warm you awake in the morning.

Plus, Kryo easily connects to your NEST, Fitbit, Jawbone apps and more to enhance your sleep quality. With just 10 nights of data, the system can learn to automatically adjust the temperature throughout the night to optimize your sleep cycles.

Kryo’s single-sized mattress pad fits seamlessly on top of your every day mattress and under your sheets, while Kryo’s control unit is designed to fit neatly under your bed.

The Indiegogo campaign to develop the product has met with success. With a few days to go, the company has already raised three times the intended amount.

Price: $199

Funding open:
$170,219 USD raised by 885 backers
closes 22 November 2016

Estimated delivery: May 2017

Kryo: the app controlled cooling mattress

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