PATH Breath + FAT Band: Measures FAT burn from your breath

PATH Breath + FAT Band: Measures FAT burn from your breath

We all burn fat differently. The duration of our fat burn during exercise depends not only on the intensity of the activity, but also on our unique aerobic capacity. The Fat Band looks like a conventional fitness band, and indeed it is. But when coupled with the accompanying Breath device, the system is able to measure your metabolic information through you breath and then guide you to reach your optimal fat burn.

The fitness band has been designed to be worn 24/7. It tracks your active minutes and heart rate continuously. The small Breath device, on the other hand, is intended to be used only once in a while. The minimum is once a month for about 5 minutes while you take a walk or perform the activity of your choice. This is the calibration test in which the Breath measures your oxygen and CO2 levels to predict your 24-hour metabolism. To evolve the accuracy of the system, use the little device more often.

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The app will give you simple, achievable exercise recommendations. It uses both metabolic and heart rate information to predict the intensity and exact minutes of exercise each user needs to achieve specific fitness goals. The intelligent system learns over time how your exercise routine changes your metabolism and begins customizing your exercise recommendations based on how your body responds.

This is certainly an interesting project, and we are looking forward for shipping to start by July 2017. The campaign has received a good response so far. Just a few days in, nearly $50,000 has been pledged to bring the fitness tracker to reality. For more information and the science behind the system, head over to their Kickstarter page.

Price: $259 and up
Funding closes December 28th
Estimated delivery: July 2017
PATH Breath + FAT Band: Measures FAT burn from your breath

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