Ensure a safe and well-adjusted workout with G-VERT

VERT, a leader in wearable athletic technology, announced this week the launch of G-VERT. This is a wearable that provides intensity, stress and asymmetry metrics in real-time for use in a variety of sports, including basketball, volleyball and running.

“Consumers want real numbers and real performance measurements that professionals use,” said Martin Matak, founder and president of VERT.

“We are paving the way for wearables 2.0 with our G-VERT intensity tracker. Our new app is engaging and easily displays data consumers want to know from their activity. You can see how hard you worked, the stress you put on your body, how efficient or how intense; something step counters can’t provide.”

The company is perhaps best known for its VERT Jump Monitor. The US Volleyball team wears these little jump-tracking devices during practice to track and measure how much, how high and how hard they jump. In fact, the VERT Jump Monitor was their official sports wearable for Rio 2016 Olympics. Alltogether, VERT devices are used by 200 collegiate and professional sports programs around the world.

The G-VERT tracks and shares real-time stats including G-force, kinetic energy, jump analytics, power, stress % and appendage asymmetry. The wearable is worn on an individual’s waist to evaluate how balanced a movement is. This helps to prevent unnecessary injury and strain. It is also capable of gathering limb-specific data when applied to specific appendages.

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The tech company debuted the G-VERT Team System last year with their first NBA client, the Miami Heat. In 2015, VERT provided the first wearable technology used for in-game play in the NCAA. Its devices were worn by a number of players during the Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship.

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