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Swedish startup unveils its first collection of hybrid watches

Swedish outfit Kronaby has launched its first collection of hybrid smartwatches. The four unisex models are available for pre-ordering on, and retail sale is set to start in April 2017.

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Analogue or hybrid watches are classic looking timepieces that combine the look and functionality of a traditional watch with abilities that are evident in today’s smartwatches. Discreetly housed in the casing of these devices is technology that keeps tabs on your daily activity and sleep metrics. Some even display smartphone notifications.

CSS Insight believes that the initial hype around full-touch smartwatches has subsided, despite efforts by many wearables manufacturers to break into this category. Smartwatch sales will continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace. The market research company expects that growth in the coming years will primarily be driven by a rise in interest in hybrid smartwatches.

Image source: Kronaby

The Kronaby – Apex, Sekel, Nord, and Carat models – combine Scandinavian design and digital engineering together with traditional Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship. When paired with a smartphone, the watches offer a unique set of features and an impressive battery life of up to 2 years, making charging a thing of the past.

“Kronaby is most importantly an authentic timepiece, and with our technology on the inside it can do more than time keeping,” says Sarandis Kalogeropulos, co-founder of Kronaby.

“The watch is developed around the concept of human technology – we want to bring back the experience of truly living in one moment, focusing on the here and now and let people experience more in life. Taking the connected watch into the future and making technology work for people.”

Image source: Kronaby

There are 43mm and 38mm versions to choose from, all crafted from Stainless steel 316L and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The classical designed dial and hands are there for showing time and other information. The Apex and a selection of the Sekel models also have sub dials for displaying additional time and step count. In terms of other fitness tracking features, the app allows you to set up a step goal and toggle reminders to get you off the sofa when you have been sitting for too long.

The watch range also has some useful notification features which are delivered via the vibration motor. Set up your list of preferred contacts in the app, and you’ll only be notified by the people and goings-on you care most about. There is also a Decline Call button on your wrist to avoid those pesky phone calls.

Image source: Kronaby

The top and bottom pushers and the crown can be programmed with some nifty features as well. For example the crown can serve as a quick way to set a timer to commence a countdown, it can function as a built-in camera remote, it can help you find your phone or play music. A rather novel feature is a 24/7 emergency function, which sends a signal to your loved one at the push of a button.

Each model is water resistant up to 100 meters, and comes with a leather, mesh, or stainless steel, strap, depending on your preference.

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