Ruawalk: your music guided walking coach

Ruawalk: your music guided walking coach

Most fitness trackers can tell us a number of things about how we walk, after we walk. Ruawalk is a new wearable, that matches your walking cadence to the beat of music – essentially, an activity booster and a real-time voice coach.

We all know walking is good for us, but lets face it – its not a terribly exciting activity. But what if there was a way to change the way you walk so that your pace matches the tempo of a song? Its a relatively simple idea, but one that just might make hitting your daily step goal a bit easier.

The 12 gram clip-on device attaches to your shoe and pairs with your phone. There are 7 different workout routines to choose from, that range from a light stroll to an intense 30 minute session. You can choose, for example, the ‘I’m on a Diet’ program. Or how about a good ‘Mood Booster’ session?

The tracker uses an algorithm to help you select the right music to set your walking pace and reach your chosen fitness goal. A real-time virtual coach keeps you on tempo, encouraging you to speed up or slow down, as needed.

At the end of your session, fire up the accompanying smartphone app to see detailed stats and points earned based on how well you kept up with the beat. The company says Ruawalk delivers a very high level of accuracy both at high and low walking speeds.

It’s definitely an interesting idea. The campaign has just hit Kickstarter, so its too early to judge on just how much interest it will generate.

Price: $69 and up

Funding open:
$1,500 pledged of $30,000 goal
35 days to go

Estimated delivery: June 2017

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Ruawalk: your music guided walking coach

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