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Polar announces the M430, its newest running watch

Polar has announced today a new addition to its running portfolio, the Polar M430.

A successor to the popular M400, the new watch sports built-in GPS and an optical heart-rate monitor with six LEDs for increased accuracy. Primarily intended as a running watch, the device can be used for other activities as well such as cycling. The M430 keeps tabs on steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, and will dish out notifications from your smartphone.

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In terms of design, Polar’s watch packs a monochrome display into a water-resistant (down to 30 metres) body. The silicon bracelet has also undergone some adjustments, and is now more flexible and breathable than ever.

Image source: Polar

Other key features include core running metrics, sleep tracking and recovery metrics. Paired with the comprehensive Polar Flow platform, the M430 becomes a virtual running coach than can offer personalised feedback. Runners can upload daily training programs to their device for fresh goals each time they train.

“In the growing market of running products that can track heart rate, pace and several other performance metrics, Polar M430 stands out for two major reasons,” says Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar.

“First, Polar has put 40 years of research and development into creating highly accurate technology, which is why so many athletes continue to seek our products. What makes Polar even more unique is that we then go beyond just providing accurate data; we turn it into actionable guidance.”

The watch lasts about eight hours with GPS switched on, but in low-power mode can keep going for just over a day. When used with just the most basic functions including smartphone notifications, it can keep going for weeks.

The Polar M430 comes in dark grey, white and orange and will soon be available for pre-order at for $229/£199.50. Shipping is set to begin in May.

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