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Acer Leap Ware is a new fitness focused smartwatch

Acer announced today a new fitness focused smartwatch. Dubbed Leap Ware, the device is packed with tracking sensors and features the MediaTek MT2523 chipset.

“As the pace of modern lifestyles become ever more hectic, people demand technology that can keep them on track and motivated to pursue their goals,” said MH Wang, General Manager, Smart Device Products, IT Products Business, Acer Incorporated.

“The new Acer Leap Ware is designed to act as a virtual coach to help people go, track, and share, sending them reminders and alerts when they need them the most.”

In terms of design, the wearable actually comes across as the much loved Pebble Time Round. It sports a touch-enabled, 42mm, transflective LCD display. Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ is there to protect it from scratches, and all of this is housed in a stainless steel circular frame.

Thanks to the company’s MT2511 bio-sensing chip, Leap Ware can keep tabs on heart rate, stamina, stress, fatigue levels, heart rate and even exposure to ultraviolet rays. It also doubles as a regular smartwatch, displaying calls and texts from a smartphone.

Image source: Acer

The watch is IPX7 water resistant, and can reportedly last three to five days on a single charge. Interestingly, there is also a side flashlight, just in case you can’t find that lightswitch.

Leap Ware comes with either a Navy Blue or Light Brown band. If you are not a fan of these colours, you’re in luck because you will be able to swap them with other standard 22mm bands.

The watch comes with its own proprietary operating system and a smartphone app for iOS and Android called Liquid Life. The app allows you to set fitness goals, compete with friends and earn virtual coins, which can be redeemed with real-word items and discounts on the Liquid Life Market.

Image source: Acer

All in all, the watch packs some decent specs and looks classy enough for everyday use, not just fitness activities. Nevertheless, its difficult to see what really makes Leap Ware stand out from other watches and fitness bands on the market.

The Taiwan-based company is launching the $140 device in North America in July. European availability should follow shortly after.

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