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Terraillon showcases its new range of wellbeing devices

Terraillon is showcasing its latest range of intelligent wellbeing devices at this year’s Exclusively Housewares taking place on 13 and 14 June at the Business Design Centre in London.

Founded in 1908, the French company has been a leading innovative houseware brand. The group is internationally recognized for products that combine sleek design with high-end quality. In the last few years, the brand has shifted focus to smart wellness products.

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Originally debuted at CES 2017, the new connected range includes HOMNI, an intelligent sleep solution; R-Link, the world’s thinnest connected bathroom scale; and NutriSmart, a nutritional kitchen scale which automatically recognises food and its chemical composition.

HOMNI, a smart sleep solution

Image source: Terraillon

This intelligent lamp features adapted light cycles and ambient sounds to help users wake up and fall asleep gently. The system uses a two pronged approach. A button-shaped sensor called Dot, which is placed under your pillow to keep track of sleep cycles and duration. There is also Rest-On, a belt sensor which keeps tabs on your heart rate and respiratory rates.

For a complete picture of your sleep environment, HOMNI also analyses temperature, light, humidity and noise level of the room. The smart sleep solution allows you to choose from a variety of sleep, waking and relaxation programmes. Another useful feature is that it allows music streaming via Bluetooth.

The HOMNI and Dot will be sold together and will be available at the end of 2017.

R- LINK, the world’s thinnest connected bathroom scale

Image source: Terraillon

This ultra-slim (12.5mm) connected scale is designed with essential features to help users track weight-loss. The scale is built from glass and stainless steel and sports a large backlit LCD screen and platform (302 x 302 mm).

Thanks to BodySense technology, the scale calculates weight and body composition including fat, muscle, bone and water mass. The data is communicated via Bluetooth to the accompanying Wellness Coach app. Up to 8 connected users can use the scale with Smart Connect.

R-LINK retails for €100.00 and is available on

NutriSmart, a nutritional kitchen scale which automatically recognises food and its chemical composition

Image source: Terraillon

Earlier this year, Terraillon also announced NutriSmart – a new connected kitchen scale that wants to help you stick to that strict diet. The gadget incorporates a tiny micro spectrometer that analyses the molecular composition of foods and provides its nutritional value.

Simply place the item on the scale and it will be scanned to determine its nutritional information such as calorie, fat, proteins and water content. What’s more, values are automatically adjusted based on the weight of the food.

The product will start selling in Europe later this year and in the US in 2018.

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