Smartduvet Breeze: self-making bed with dual-zone climate control

Smartduvet Breeze: self-making bed with dual-zone climate control

Smartduvet Breeze is a product that in addition to placing your duvet and sheets back into position every day, provides temperature control for each side of the bed. The company successfully delivered their self-making bed to its Kickstarter backers last year, and is now back raising funds for a new and improved version.

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Like its predecessor, Smartduvet Breeze works by inserting a breathable layer made of extremely lightweight material between the duvet and duvet cover. In the morning, the sheet’s air chamber is inflated, lifting the duvet and top sheet back to their original position. With the app, you can pre-set the bed-making time to fit your daily routine.

The second generation product also throws in climate control, allowing you to individually set the preferred temperature on each side of the bed. After all, when it comes to sleeping people feel comfortable at different temperatures.

A cooling effect is delivered by using only room temperature air and your body’s natural process. As water escapes your skin through sweating, your body cools itself. Raising air circulation under your duvet results in an increase in the body’s evaporation process, thus creating a cooling effect. A heating effect is achieved through the use of heated air distributed evenly to the selected side of the bed.

The brains that control everything are housed in a small box that sits under your bed. There you’ll find the blower and electronic board that control the air-flow and temperature, and connect Smartduvet with your smartphone.

The company says that in addition to providing these comforts. the product is good for you. This is because bed oxygenation reduces sweat and prevents bed-bugs. Plus there is a green effect because you do not have to heat the whole house to sleep in your desired temperature.

”The dual zone climate control could help couples end arguments over room temperature,” says Tina Cayouette, Founder of Smartduvet.

”This feature could also help people suffering from arthritis and other conditions affected by temperature and humidity.” The creator also claims that the Breeze could significantly lower energy consumption by allowing its users to heat or cool their body directly instead of the whole house.

The product comes in various bed sizes. It now available on their Indiegogo having smashed through its goal just a few days into the campaign.

Price:$199 and up

Funding open:
$232,320 pledged of $20,000 goal
22 days left

Estimated delivery: September 2017

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Smartduvet Breeze: self-making bed with dual-zone climate control

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