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Adidas All Day fitness app for women is now available for download

Adidas has launched today its All Day fitness app for iOS and Android. For now the app is only available in the US, with international availability expected this fall.

The app was announced some three months ago and is the result of collaboration between Adidas, Exos (human performance company), Verily (Alphabet’s healthcare and life sciences subsidiary), and the American College of Sports Medicine. Adidas says right now the app is focused on women, but may be expanded at a later stage with content geared toward men.

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In case this is the first you’ve heard of the app, its main novelty are what Adidas calls ‘Discoveries’ – i.e. advice and tips from experts in various fields. This includes, for example, clean eating tips from chef Candice Kumai and workout sessions from yoga teacher Adriene Mishler and celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk. At launch, All Day will have 13 Discoveries, and the library will continue to grow from there.

You’ll get various routines tailored to your fitness level, cooking recepies to help you eat healthier and mind and relaxation suggestions. The app also automatically tracks active minutes, steps, distance, and calories. Naturally, you can sync the information with Apple’s Health Kit and Google’s Fit platforms, making it easier to keep track of your data.

Image source: Adidas

“With All Day, we have taken everything we’ve learned about human performance and created an experience that serves up insights and challenges for anyone looking to live a healthy life,” said Stacey Burr, Adidas BP and general manager.

“The biggest learning the app delivers on is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. It’s about discovering what works for you, so you can be your best.”

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