Image source: Oaxis

Oaxis WatchPhone tracks, protects and allows 3G communication with kids

Image source: Oaxis

Oaxis has just launched a new children’s wrist phone, the WatchPhone. The feature-rich device allows kids to keep in touch using the 3G network, whilst keeping parents reassured of their child’s location at all times.

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Today’s little ones have grown up surrounded by computers, tablets, Youtube… Technology has always been a part of their every-day life – quite different from just 10 or 20 years ago. But while smartwatches are a hot selling item for adults, we are not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to smartwatches for kids.

Primarily intended for the UK market, the WatchPhone is a hybrid between a smartphone and a wrist watch. The company says their device is the first 3G network of its kind. The watch is compatible with all UK networks using a micro sim, and supports two way communication with any iOS or Android smartphone through voice calls, text messages and emoticons.

The large 1.54″ high-resolution, 320 x 320 pixel, colour touch screen, makes it easy to navigate. This, along with the fun colourful design, allows for an enjoyable interactive touch experience.

Image source: Oaxis

With built in tracking and SOS functions, the WatchPhone helps to provide parents with piece of mind. They’ll get real-time tracking of their kids with accurate GPS positioning, along with the ability to set Geo-Fenced safety zones.

If the child feels they are in danger, the SOS function allows them to alert loved ones at the press of a button. This will trigger a 30 second voice recording, which will be sent to the parent along with information of the child’s location. For additional protection, all location data is protected with a 128-bit encryption algorithm

The rugged design is great for kids who enjoys being outdoors. There is a pedometer function for steps and calorie counting and a 600mAh battery capacity which will keep it going for up to 60 hours between charges.

The WatchPhone is now available on UK Amazon and

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  • The Phone doesn’t work and will not track with GPS. It is a terrible product that needs to go back to development. It will not update settings and the company is worse! They will not help you.


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