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Intel prepares to pull Recon Jet as part of its retreat from wearables

The Recon Jet sunglasses have quietly been scrapped as part of Intel’s retreat from the wearables game.

The tech giant has shut down its wearable-technology business division earlier this month. Citing sources familiar with the matter, CNBC writes that the company is focusing all its efforts instead on developing its augmented reality business.

On the market since 2013, these innovative sunglasses display information just below your right eye. This includes SMS, call display and internet access from any iOS or Android device.

Intel prepares to pull Recon Jet as part of its retreat from wearables
Image source: Intel

But that’s not all. With a built-in sensor suite and support for third-party ANT+ sensors, the Recon Jet lets you keep an eye on your heart rate, speed, pace, distance, ascent, cadence, and power. You can view a GPS map of your route. And if you want to snap a photo along the way or shoot a 720p video – simply double-tap the right side of the device.

Intel has outlined that it will begin withdrawing the glasses from September 29th. You can still pick them up on Amazon while stocks last.


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