Bloom: the intelligent, portable air quality monitor

Bloom: the intelligent, portable air quality monitor

Air pollution is the world’s single largest environmental health risk. With our 90% of our time spent indoors, keeping the air clean and fresh in your immediate surroundings means you will be breathing clean air the vast majority of the time.

Short-term exposure to unclean air can cause allergies, insomnia, headaches, fatigue and asthma. Long-term exposure has much more serious health effects.

Bloom is a compact and portable device that works both inside and outside. With two pollution sensors and Bluetooth technology, the device monitors the air around you and alerts you in real-time of airborne pollutants.

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Bloom tracks chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon monoxide, ethanol, hydrogen, ammonia, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and hydrocarbons. It then combines all this information into a numerical score of air quality. A blinking blue LED light indicates good air quality. A solid red light the presence of airborne pollutants. The accompanying smartphone app shows more detailed information.

Furthermore, Bloom can tell you the temperature, humidity, and altitude – along with individual and global environmental patterns. This means, you essentially get a personalised air quality forecast. Finally, the little gadget also connects via Wi-Fi and plays nice with the rest of your smart home platforms.

If all goes well with the Kickstarter campaign, look for it to land in March of 2018.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open: 

$11,734 pledged of $35,000 goal
20 days left

Estimated delivery: March 2018

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Bloom: the intelligent, portable air quality monitor

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