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TomTom will soon let you know how old you are in “fitness years”

TomTom is introducing a software update that will let you know your “fitness age”.

Taking cue from Garmin and Fitbit, the Dutch company is introducing the new feature across a range of its devices. To calculate the metric, TomTom will take your VO2Max measurement, compare it with those your gender and age, and determine how “old” you really are.

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The free upgrade will be introduced to devices that already measure your VO2Max. This includes the TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and TomTom Adventurer watches. The accompanying smartphone app will then try to motivate you by awarding Fitness Points as you progress towards fitness age goals. To this end, the company will introduce more age appropriate fitness workouts.

Garmin has a similar concept. It also uses your VO2Max levels to assign a “Fitness Age” score. Fitbit does this as well but with a twist. The San Francisco manufacturer estimates your Cardio Fitness Levels, and lets you know what per cent you fall in, in terms of your age and gender.

These days its not enough to have your trusty fitness tracker dish out step and distance counts. Users want actionable information in order to make real-life positive changes. “Fitness Age” is a concept that is not too difficult to grasp and we will probably see more companies jumping on board.

TomTom says the software update will roll out to compatible watches during September.

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