See what had hearts racing most at Apple’s special event

Apple’s special event on September 12th has come and gone with the company announcing a slew of new products. Thanks to the popular Cardiogram app, we now know exactly which announcements had hearts racing most.

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Heart rate data reflects everything that happens in our lives. And the Cupertino company is bringing to the table more heartbeat-related metrics.

Apple says you will now be able to see your current heart rate just by raising your wrist due to a new complication on the watch face. There is the addition of a recovering heart rate, the watch will alert you when it detects an abnormal spike in your readings and for the first time, the Apple Watch will be able to tell you your resting heart rate. Tim Cook also spoke about a new Apple Heart Study to detect atrial fibrillation.

But the maker of the popular Cardiogram app used the opportunity to conduct a study of its own. This is an app that taps into Apple Watch measurements and tells you what the heart rate data means. It helps you understand sleep, stress, fitness, and health.

Cardiogram posted a minute-by-minute chart showing average heart rate during the whole event. Cheesy? Yes. Kinda fun? Perhaps. Participants, of course, opted in to this project so noone’s heart rate was observed without their approval.

Here is what excited us most.

  • Apple announces the new Apple Watch (76.1 beats per minute)
  • The announcement of the Apple Heart Study (75.8 bpm)
  • Dierdre Caldbeck takes a call on her Apple Watch while paddle boarding (76.3 bpm)
  • The announcement of the Apple TV 4K which registered the highest measurements (78.1 bpm)
  • FaceID is announced (77.4 bpm)

Interestingly, the lowest heart rate of the session occurred when the iPhone X ‘s price was announced. Not too surprising considering users will need to shell out $999 for the device!

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Its worth pointing out, this was by no means an official study and Cardiogram says it only included 63 people. So don’t read too much into it. If you want to relive the moments, the stream is still available on Apple’s website.

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