Aircon Watch: promises to cool or warm your body in a few minutes

Aircon Watch: promises to cool or warm your body in a few minutes

What if there was a watch that could keep you cool on a hot summer day, or warm you up on a chilly morning? Pretty soon there will be.

Meet Aircon Watch – the world’s first air-conditioning wearable. With 23 days to go, this novel temperature regulating device has already raised 20 times its Kickstarter goal.

So how exactly does it work?

The human body has a complicated temperature-regulating mechanism which is directed by the hypothalamus. Just like a thermostat regulates the temperature inside your home or office, this small portion of the brain responds to stimuli and makes adjustments to keep your body within one or two degrees of 98.6 degrees.

Aircon watch taps into the body’s natural systems to keep you at the right temperature. It does this by changing the signal that the nervous system sends to the brain by generating pulses of heat or cold. The secret is in the straps. Similar to running cold or warm water, the straps of the watch effect the area on your inner wrist where pulse points and nerve endings are close to the skin. It essentially tricks the nervous system.

Just in case you were wondering whether there are any health implications, the Hong Kong based startup says it has thoroughly tested the device and consulted with doctors. They claim that not only is there no damage, but there are actually a benefits to blood vessels and the nervous system.

So if you are always the cold one in the office, the Aircon watch may be the answer to your prayers. It just might put an end to those office temperature battles once and for all!

The device is going for HK$623 which equates to just under $100 US dollars. Delivery is set for December. Usual warnings about investing in crowdfunded projects apply.

Price: HK$623 and up

Funding open: 

HK$749,071 total funds raised
23 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2017

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Aircon Watch: promises to cool or warm your body in a few minutes

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