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Sensoria launches smart running shoes infused with textile sensors

Announced at CES 2017 in January, Sensoria has it has finally opened pre-orders for its smart running shoe. To mark the occasion they will be available for $99, around 50% off the regular retail price.

The Redmond Based startup has been in the smart apparel and footwear business for three years now. The company is perhaps best known for its smart fitness sock. The garment connects to a lightweight anklet and is infused with 100% textile pressure sensors which provide users with real-time information such as cadence and foot landing technique.

Image source: Sensoria

An upgraded version of this same technology has now made it into a new product. The smart shoes house embedded textile pressure sensors and leverage a new detachable electronic device (Sensoria Core), which has been designed from the ground up.

Image source: Sensoria

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The more streamlined version of Sensoria Core weighs less than 7 grams, and provides a full day of constant use battery life. If you were to open up the quarter sized unit, inside you would find an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. This, combined with textile pressure sensor data, provides you with a wealth of stats.

As with the socks, the device communicates wirelessly to the accompanying smartphone app and website dashboard. Here you’ll find information on track cadence, foot landing technique, contact time on ground, and impact forces in addition to pace, distance, time, calories burned and more.

The app also provides real-time audio and visual feedback during your run. And you’ll get programs that allow you to set short term and long term goals, and monitor your progress over time.

The shoes come in a variety of sizes and colors. For now they are only available on, with wider availability to follow soon.

“While products like Fitbit count your steps, the most important metrics in a run are your pace, cadence, foot landing and the impact that you generate each time you hit the ground,” said Sensoria CEO and Co-Founder, Davide Vigano.

“You want to protect your engine: your legs, knees and feet. With the new Sensoria Smart Running Shoes, you’ll get valuable and accurate biometrics to help you improve with each consecutive run as well as run longer and healthier.”

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