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Epson introduces new line of GPS multi-sport watches

Epson has introduced not one but five different run-focused GPS watches this week. Priced from $99 to $399, all are part of its new ProSense line.

Image source: Epson

When we think of Epson, we think of printers. But many may not be aware that the company has been in the wearables game for a few years now. It all started with its Pulsesense activity tracking watches, which the company then followed up with its Runsense line.

Measuring 47.0 x 47.0 and 15.5 mm in depth (or 13.4mm depending on model), the new ProSense range offers the standard array of features for running watches. This includes activity tracking (steps, distance, calories, sleep), smartphone notifications and onboard music control. Some models in the line-up also feature advanced running metrics such as VO2max, recovery, training effect and race time estimates. What makes the GPS watches truly stand out, though, is their awesome battery life.

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The entry level devices are the ProSense 17 and ProSense 57. Both feature run, walk and treadmill modes and a 128 x 128 LCD display. ProSense 17 has longer battery life (13 hours versus 10 hours), but Prosense 57 also has a built-in heart rate monitor which takes measurements every second using noise-cancelling sensors, algorithms and a Transimpedance Amplifier which makes the system more reliable.

Like the entire line, the two watches feature 5 buttons, audio alerts, vibrational alerts and 5 ATM (versus 10 ATM for higher specs models), water-resistance. The mark the launch, Epson has released all-new software and an app called Epson View.

Image source: Epson

The top three timepieces in the range have additional bike and swim modes so can function as triathlon watches. They also feature Epson’s EasyView screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. This technology offers a unique electrophoretic display (electronic paper) with crisp and glare-reducing optics.

Apart from differences in screen quality (ProSense 347 has a Mineral Glass screen and ProSense 367 Sapphire), the main distinguishing factor between the three top-end units is the battery life. With GPS and heart rate switched on, Prosense 307 will keep going for 20 hours, Prosense 347 and Prosense 367 for 46 hours. They will all keep going for much longer in activity tracking and watch mode.

“One of Epson’s core strengths is developing miniaturized, power-efficient and highly accurate components,” said Katie Zimmermann, product manager, Epson Wearables.

“So this tiny bundle of proprietary chipsets, patented optical heartrate technology and relentless innovation gives runners and athletes a device on their wrist that will be a true workout partner, delivering accuracy and reliability to validate their effort.”

You can check-out the entire line of watches on Amazon .

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