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Wynd announces availability of its flagship product on Amazon and JD

Wynd Technologies has announced today the launch of its air purifier, Wynd Plus, on Amazon in the US and JD in China. Its flagship product was also selected by Amazon for its LaunchPad program, a showcase for innovative products from around the world.

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Selected by Time as “one of the 25 best inventions of 2016,” this is a portable, bottle sized device that differs from the competition in that it doesn’t purify all air, just the air around you. The medical-grade filter removes particulates, cat dander, mold, bacteria, and pollution in a matter of minutes.

Review: Wynd Plus, create a bubble of clean air around you
Wynd Plus
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But there is more. Wynd Plus has a detachable tracker that serves as an intelligent personal air quality system that alerts you when the air around you is unhealthy. The company says this is the smallest particulate matter sensor on the market.

“We’ve thrilled with the potential of launching Wynd Plus on Amazon and JD this holiday season. We hope people around the world will benefit from our product and breathe healthy, clean air wherever they go,” said Raymond Wu, CEO and co-founder of Wynd.

Image source: Wynd

Both the Wynd Purifier and Air Quality Tracker connect to the accompanying smartphone app which provides more detailed information including insights about your air quality and when the filter needs to be changed. In our review, we found Wynd Plus to be a really well thought out product. A lot of work has clearly gone into packing lots of great functionality into a small package.

Air pollution has become an inevitable part of daily life for many of us. Microscopic particles much too small to see with the naked eye are released into the air from cars, trains, power plants, factories, and other sources. It is impossible to control the quality of air once you step outside your front door. Beyond wearing a face mask, there is little that you can do. Now with Wynd Plus, there is another option.

Priced at $199, the little gadget can be picked up on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon. Its detachable Air Quality Tracker is included in the price, but it can also be purchased separately.

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