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Take on the day with Misfit’s second hybrid timepiece, the Command

Misfit has just launched a new hybrid timepiece. Called Misfit Command, this is the company’s second stab at something that promises to track your fitness while looking appropriate for a formal dinner.

We caught a glimpse of it at IFA in Berlin earlier this year and walked away suitably impressed. Already known for its stylish range of wearables, Command brings together the best of both worlds. A clean, modern and unobtrusive look on the outside, and latest high tech smarts on the inside.

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Last year, Misfit added Phase to its stable of wearables, its first analogue watch. Command is a much smarter looking timepiece. Fossil has acquired the company some two years ago, and its influence is becoming increasingly evident. The new hybrid actually resembles other pieces in Fossil’s collection, particularly the Skagen Hagen Connected.

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You would hardly know this is a high tech device just by looking at it. And this is what Misfit is looking to achieve. A watch that seamlessly blends into your life. Command comes with a stanless steel case with matte finishing. To customize it to your taste, there is a wide range of 20mm strap options to choose from.

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Mind you, the device will only provide the basics when it comes to tracking your fitness. With a built-in accelerometer, you will just get info on your steps, distance, calories and sleep. Don’t look for a heart rate monitor, its not there.

There is also some smartwatch functionality. This includes notifications for messages, reminders, calendar appointments, a smart button function which can be set up through the Link App and more. You can also create smart alarms, create movement reminders and control other connected smart devices.

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Whereas the Phase used color coding to indicate what type of information is on display, Connect adds a small sub-dial with little icons letting you know what you are looking at. It is perhaps not very intuitive at first, but you do need to be creative to figure out a way of displaying notifications on a watch without a digital screen.

Command features a non-charging battery that lasts up to one year, the longest battery life on a Misfit device to date. Its swim-proof up to 50 meters, too, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off in the water.

Misfit Command is available on the company’s website. It starts at $150 and you get Black Steel, Black Copper, Navy Blue, and Stainless Steel options to choose from. You can also pick it up on Amazon (check price).

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