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Tractive announces a pair of new GPS trackers for dogs and cats

Tractive, a company that aims to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners, announced two GPS devices at CES in Las Vegas.

The first is a new Tractive GPS Dog tracker. The gadget comes with some design upgrades over its predecessor including a new clipping mechanism. This allows it to attach and detach to any collar at the press of a button. More slender in design, the tracker is suitable for a wide variety of dog sizes and large cats.

In terms of functionality, you now get detailed activity level monitoring and precision GPS monitoring. Tractive says additional features will be disclosed closer to the product release.

Image source: Tractive
Image source: Tractive

The Tractive GPS Cat tracker comes with pretty much the same functionality but in a more lightweight design. The integrated smart collar weighs just 32 grams and is breakaway. This is important as you do not want your kitty stuck on a tree if the collar catches on a branch. If the collar falls off while your cat is out and about, there will be an app to help you locate it.

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Tractive GPS Cat will be released in early 2018, beginning with a European rollout. Tractive GPS Dog will follow later in the year. Pricing has yet to be determined.

“The decision to make two distinct devices with unique strengths was made based on our great user feedback and active community.” said CEO Michael Hurnaus,

“and by doing this, we’ve allowed our engineers to explore and implement great features that specifically fit the individual needs of cat or dog owners, all while maintaining its durability and waterproofness.”

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