FLOW: a combined breathing sensor and heart rate monitor chest band

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclist

Oxygen is fuel for muscles and is critical to an athlete’s performance, yet few, if any, consumer wearables help athletes measure oxygen in real-time. Until now.

Sweetzpot is an Oslo-based athletic wearables company which has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for FLOW, a combined breathing sensor and heart rate monitor. Worn as a chest band, this innovative wearable aims to help improve athletic stamina and performance.

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Working muscles need oxygen in order to keep exercising. FLOW provides real-time direct insight into the air flowing into the body as well as breathing patterns. This allows users to adjust their breathing rate in real time and avoid tiring too quickly. What’s more, the wearable will calculate your Ventilatory Threshold. This means you will always know where your athletic Sweetspot is.

In the past, only professional athletes in expensive labs wearing masks were able to collect such information. With FLOW, the technology will be affordable and available to all. Combined with data from the heart rate sensor, runners and other sports enthusiasts will have key data to help them take their performance up a notch.

“We have developed this product over a long time with the intention of making a great consumer product for measuring breathing,” Sweetzpot CEO, Håvard Bjor told Gadgets & Wearables.

“The company’s vision is not dependent on the success of the upcoming Kickstarter, and we will launch it independently of the success of the campaign.”

The companion app presents​ ​your data ​in​ ​real-time through easy,​ ​understandable charts. The wearable plays nice with Garmin Connect and Strava, too.

FLOW has already been tried and tested, and is the winner of the first prize in the wearable technology category at the Sports Tech World Cup – Nordic edition. The company has launched its Kickstarter campaign today, with an aim of raising $30,000. Backers can expect to receive the chest strap in August 2018.

Price: $169 and up

Funding open:

$3,254 raised out of $30,000 goal
29 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2018

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