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Stappone: scan your entire body through your feet

Rayo: a bicycle tail-light designed for the modern cyclistStappon is a new Kickstarter backed intelligent insole that scans your entire body through your feet. It detects problems with posture and movement and won’t be shy to flag them up.

Developed in Austria by medical professionals, the insole is fitted with innovative pressure and acceleration sensors that measure pressure, location and movement. All you need to do is slip the gizmo into your shoes, and go about your day.

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The innovative wearable builds a picture of your unique body movement and will dish out real-time audio cues to help you form better habits on the go. You can even see a complete 3D map of your actual posture and movement in the accompanying app.

If Stappon identifies a problem requiring medical attention it will flag it up. Some of the issues it can identify include fatigue, back pain, foot deformities, misalignment of the spine, musculoskeletal weakness and more. The longer you use the intelligent insoles, the smarter they become.

The antibacterial, washable and abrasion-proof insoles also double up as a fitness tracker. You’ll get detail information on your step count, distance and calories burned. It auto-recognises activity and will provide you with a single metric letting you know at a glance if you’ve been active enough. The wearable even measures your weight.

“Lack of exercise is a global affliction that we want to fight using stappone. Almost two thirds of people do little to no exercise,” said explains Peter Krimmer, founder of stAPPtronics.

“This is exactly where stappone steps in as a daily companion that is hidden in the shoe. Using analysis, monitoring and optimization of their daily sequence of movements, the wearer can ‘hack’ their own health and thus avoid back pain and improve their wellbeing and energy level.”

You don’t need your smartphone in order to use the insoles thanks to built-in GPS sensors, accelerometers and internal memory. Battery life is up to three days between charges.

Price: €49 and up

Funding open:

$21,434 raised out of $42,973 goal
34 days to go

Estimated delivery: August 2018

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