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Holst is Skagen’s third analogue smartwatch

Skagen has revealed the Holst at Baselworld 2018, its third hybrid to date. The watch joins the company’s Hold Hybrid Mini and Signature T-bar range analogue timepieces.

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Baselworld kicked off yesterday and concludes on the 27th. This is an event organised each spring in the city of Basel, Switzerland which attracts top watchmakers and jewellery makers from around the world. During the six days the Swiss city will play host to nearly 700 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors.

Holst is Skagen’s third analogue smartwatch
Baselworld Opening Ceremony

Fossil Group is, of course, a regular at the gathering. The company has used Baselworld as a launch platform for some of the hundreds of smartwatches and hybrids in its range. Skagen, which falls under its umbrella, has unveiled the new Holst on the first day of this year’s show.

This is a minimalist watch with a clean design that features a 40mm case size and comes in two separate models. As shown in the images below, one comes with a dark grey watch face and metal strap, the other with a dark blue face and leather strap. What they have in common is that they are both made of titanium, so are very slim and super lightweight.

Holst is Skagen’s third analogue smartwatch
Image source: Skagen

This watch is more about elegance and style rather than fitness tracking, but you do get some activity stats. The complication on left side of the watch-face shows how close you are to meeting your daily step goal (in terms of per cent). For other basic fitness stats, you will need to use the accompanying smartphone app. The app is also the place to customize notifications. The watch is capable of letting you know when someone calls or texts by vibrating and using the dial to point to pre-defined numbers for different contacts. There are also three physical buttons on the right side so its possible these could be used to control music on your smartphone and for remote photo taking.

Skagen has not revealed the full specs yet or the exact release date, but we are expecting for it to land in the summer. As for the price, the leather strap version will cost $175, with the metal version set to retail for $20 more.

Source: TechRadar.

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