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Wynd launches budget-friendly version of its portable air purifier

Wynd Technologies has announced today the launch of Wynd Essential, a much lower priced version of its popular Wynd Plus air purifier. The device comes with everything apart from the detachable air quality tracker of its big brother.

For those that may not know, Air Quality Awareness Week starts today. Its aim is to inspire people to take steps to reduce their contribution to air pollution. Unfortunately contaminated air has become an inevitable part of daily life for many of us. Microscopic particles too small for the eye to see are released into the air from cars, trains, power plants, factories and other sources. This is particularly an issue for those living in urban areas.

Selected by Time in 2016 as “one of the 25 best inventions” of that year, Wynd is a portable device that differs from the competition in that it doesn’t purify all air, just the air around you. Its interchangeable medical-grade filter removes dust, pollen, smoke, smog, pet dander, mold and bacteria in a matter of minutes.

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About the size of a water-bottle, the entire gizmo is about 17cm tall and 7.1cm wide at the base. But despite its relatively small form factor, it is capable of spewing out over 8 liters of clean air per second. This essentially creates a bubble of clear air around you, protecting your from pollutants. While the gadget is marketed as portable, it works best when set up in a small, enclosed space.

Wynd launches more affordable version of its portable air purifier
Image source: Wynd Technologies

In addition to the purifier, the original Wynd Plus comes with a detachable particulate matter sensor that monitors the quality of air around you and automatically adjusts the purification level as needed. This connects via Bluetooth to an accompanying smartphone app which provides more detailed information including insights about your air quality and when the filter needs changing (typically once in three months depending on usage).

Wynd Essential comes only with the purifier, so minus the air quality tracker. But it also pairs with your mobile device to tap into detailed information based on over 10,000 global air quality stations. And just like the more expensive version, it allows you to remotely control the purifier and provides usage details.

In our review, we found Wynd Plus to be a really well thought out product. A lot of work has clearly gone into packing lots of great functionality into a tight little package.

Wynd launches more affordable version of its portable air purifier
Image source: Wynd Technologies

The new Wynd Essential can be picked up on the manufacturer’s website for $129. This is much lower than the $199 price tag of the original Wynd Plus. Both can also be purchased on Amazon (check price).

In further news, Wynd Technologies have announced today they will be doing their bit for the planet through a new partnership with the non-profit OneTreePlanted. For every Wynd unit purchased, the company will plant one tree to improve air quality, reduce soil erosion and help local communities. A worthy cause, most will agree.

“We decided to launch Essential as a more affordable, purifier-only device for people who want clean air, wherever they are,” said Raymond Wu, CEO and co-founder of Wynd.

“Our team is also excited about our partnership with OneTreePlanted as a way to give back to the community and foster a healthier environment.”

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