RESPA: clip-on device that helps you stay in your optimal breathing zone

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RESPA, is a Fitbit-style device for measuring breathing patterns during yoga. It also dishes out real-time alerts helping users stay in optimal breathing and fitness zones during workouts.

The breath is vital to maintaining a balanced body as it delivers oxygen to the cells. Breathing correctly is particularly important if you are exercising. In order to achieve higher performance your body needs lots of oxygen. Typical mistakes include taking shallow breaths, breathing too quickly and inhaling or exhaling at the incorrect time.

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Professional athletes seeking breathing analysis typically opt for expensive tests using complicated, cumbersome equipment in a lab setting. Just launched on Indiegogo, RESPA is a little clip-on device that brings the lab to you.

For exercise, its algorithms interpret breathing data collected by sensors to notify when users should push harder, stay in their sweet spot or slow down. This helps you train smarter and avoid injury. There is also a companion app which provides post-workout analyses to track progress and plan workouts. For yoga, RESPA reminds you to come back to your breath during practice.

“We found there was no fitness tracker out there that measures your breathing via sound, which is why we created RESPA,” said Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta, PhD, Zansors co-founder and Chief Data Science Officer.

“I’ve always had an interest in how data, when properly collected and analyzed, can help people know themselves and improve their lives, which is what RESPA is designed to do.”

If you’re looking to breathe more life into your workouts or stay in-tune with your breath during yoga practice, this campaign may pique your interest. There are different models for yoga, casual athletes, competitive endurance athletes and coaches. Delivery to backers is expected in September.

Price: $149 and up

Funding open:

$3,512 raised out of $35,000 goal
25 days left

Estimated delivery: September 2018

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