Image source: Snap Inc

New update enables Snapchat Spectacles to export non-circular videos

A new update enables Snapchat Spectacles to export non-circular videos
Image source: Snap Inc

A new software update enables Snapchat Spectacles to export videos in a non-circular format. Up to now, the funky glasses could only export circular video. While this was a unique selling point, the new formats actually makes the videos, you know, watchable.

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The company has come out with generation two of the camera enabled glasses a couple of months ago. The upgraded specs have benefitted from some design upgrades including a smaller, more lightweight form factor, water resistance and new colour options. The glasses also come with better video and audio quality, and for the first time are able to capture photos.

The company is clearly not giving up on their smart specs idea despite the fiasco of the first generation product. They opted for the strategy of making the specs hard to find in an effort to build hype around the product. Ultimately, to speak in World Cup terms, it was an own goal because the company booked a $40 million loss on costs related to unsold inventory.

The good news is there is no more of that vending machine nonsense and the specs are available both on Amazon and The company is hoping that this along with the bump in specs will rejuvenate the product.

With this latest software update, the specs can export circular video (with a white or black background), as well as square and “widescreen”. The software crops the circular video when exporting. The added export options mean users can now share videos where they want, including Facebook and Instagram. This wasn’t possible with the circular format.

A new update enables Snapchat Spectacles to export non-circular videos
Image source: Snap Inc

The update is currently rolling out to iOS and Android users. Owners of the first generation specs will be happy to know they will also benefit from the software upgrade.

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