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This is how to activate the new elevated heart rate alerts on your Garmin wearable

Garmin has recently introduced a feature on a selection of its wearables that could potentially save your life. Abnormal heart rate notifications allow you to be notified if your heart exceeds a specified value while you are at rest.

This is similar to what you will get on the Apple Watch.  If you’re inactive for 10 minutes or more and your device detects that your heart rate has gone above and stayed above your entered threshold, it will alert you.

The feature will install itself on your compatible Garmin wearable via a firmware update. In fact, its probably already sitting on your watch waiting for you to activate it.

This is what you’ll need to do.

If you have a Vivosmart 3, Vivomove 3 or Vivosport you’ll need to open Heart Rate Settings on the watch, turn on Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts, and choose a heart rate threshold. The default value is 100 beats per minute.

If you have a watch from the Vivoactive 3 range you will need to swipe up on the watch face to access the heart rate widget. Hold the screen to open the menu, select Heart Rate Settings>Abnormal Heart Rate, turn the alert on and choose the desired threshold.

Finally, those with one of the Forerunner 645 watches, the Forerunner 935 or Fenix 5/5+ range (currently in Beta) will need to press down key until the heart rate widget appears. Hold the up key to open the menu, select Heart Rate Options>Abnormal Heart Rate, turn on the alert and optionally adjust the threshold value.

Its important not to confuse these with alerts you would get from a certified medical device. Nevertheless, its a useful feature that can alert people to a potential problem. And if you’re from Croatia or France, you’ll definitely want to switch this on before the World Cup football final on Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “This is how to activate the new elevated heart rate alerts on your Garmin wearable

  • Thank you for being clearer about this function than Garmin. It was really helpfull

  • How does it notify you? does it vibrate or sound an alarm?

    • I know there’s audio – not sure about vibration. The audio is very loud though – sure to get your attention!


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