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Cardiogram now supports Garmin fitness devices

From today a number of Garmin smartwatches and fitness trackers will support the Cardiogram app. This includes many of the latest Fenix, Forerunner and Vívo series devices.

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The Cardiogram app has proven to be very popular the company’s co-founder Brandon Ballinger told CNBC recently. Some 100,000 use it every day out of 250,000 people who downloaded it to try it out.

Cardiogram now supports most Garmin watches
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The app organizes heart rate data to provide you with more detail and historical trends. The Timeline tab shows your heart rate each day, with a detailed view for workouts and a special interface to track spikes related to stress, diet, or exercise. The Metrics tab shows you how your resting heart rate, activity and sleep are trending over the last few weeks or months.

Cardiogram has recently partnered with the Department of Cardiology at the Univeristy of California to detect more serious health conditions. They developed an AI algorithm called DeepHeart, which is able to use the app to detect atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea, hypertension and diabetes. Garmin users can now get in on this. From today, they are able join Apple Watch owners and opt-in to participate in Cardiogram’s mRhythm research study with UCSF Cardiology.

“Many users have asked Cardiogram to support Garmin wearables. By directly integrating through the Garmin Health API, Cardiogram has access to the wide array of advanced metrics these devices generate,” said Johnson Hsieh, co-founder of Cardiogram.

“Garmin devices are great because they give us high-resolution, accurate data and the higher resolution, the more accurate DeepHeart can become.”

Now, when you sync your wearable to Garmin Connect, that data will automatically find its way into the Cardiogram app. iPhone users will need to download the app from this link. The Google Play Store app version can be found here.

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