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Data from Garmin wearables can now be streamed to third-party apps

Did you ever wish you could stream data from a Garmin wearable to your own smartphone app. Well, now its possible.

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Garmin is helping third-party developers by introducing the Health Companion SDK for Android and Apple devices. This allows you to make use of real-time data churned out by Garmin fitness trackers and smartwatches when developing your own app.

Garmin wearables produce a plethora of data. This includes everything from steps and distance, to stress levels, heart rate and sleep. Such data can inspire users to lead healthier lives and improve their workouts. With minimal development, these can now be integrated in third-party software.

Gold’s Gym has, for example, recently taken advantage of this by launching an updated version of its app. This combines music playlists with audio coaching to keep you pushing hard while exercising. There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, individually tailored to all intensity levels. The integration with Health Companion SDK means you can now display your real-time heart rate from a Garmin wearable right in the app.

“GOLD’S AMP provides users with expert guidance, coaching and encouragement every step of their workout,” said Josh Rider, Gold’s Gym Senior Vice President of Revenue Management and Strategic Partnerships.

“Teaming up with Garmin as a leading wearable technology provider is a natural fit for GOLD’S AMP as we continue to expand and enhance the experience and results tracking we provide within the app.”

To learn more or gain access to Garmin Health Companion SDK, head over to this page.

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