Polar Vantage V Triathlon and M Multisport Watch: pics, specs and pricing

A number of different sources point to a soonish launch of two new Polar Smartwatches – the Vantage V Pro Multisport watch and Vantage M GPS watch. These will be updates to the V800 and M430, respectively.

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Polar Vantage V Triathlon and M Multisport Watch: pics, specs and pricing
Polar Vantage M

We even have the first images of the devices. They have been leaked by Westernbike.com, although the shop has removed the watches from their site now.

To add credence to the rumours, Polar has registered the two names with Trademarkia: Vantage V  und Vantage M. The company has also secured the corresponding website domain name http://www.polarvantage.com. Right now, the website links to polar.com.

Little is known on the actual specs. What can be gleaned from the images is that both watches sport a round shape and come with a colour screen. They should have identical dimensions and 5 physical buttons (2 on the left and 3 on the right), but different functions. Hence the hefty price difference.

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Vantage V and Vantage M are expected to come with very accurate optical HR measurement. It is rumoured the technology will use red in addition to green LEDs (possibly infrared), which provides for better “fluoroscopy”. This may also allow for continuous oxygen saturation measurement. Pictures also show 4 metallic round items but it is not yet clear what this would be used for. Possibly for other functions that will make the watch stand out from the crowd.

Polar Vantage V Triathlon and M Multisport Watch: pics, specs and pricing
Polar Vantage V

The other upgrade comes in the form of a boost to battery life. Supposedly, the watches will have up to 40 hours of run-time with GPS switched on. Finally, it is also possible Polar will replace its Flow platform with something more reminiscent of Garmin Connect. Its worth pointing out, none of this has been confirmed by Polar yet.

The more expensive ($499) Polar Vantage V will most likely come in 3 colours – black, white and orange. It will have a touch enabled Gorilla Glass colour display. The Polar Vantage M ($279) comes with a non-touch colour display and a choice between black, red and white versions.

We thought the IFA in Berlin would be a great platform for launch, but the official unveiling is expected to take place at the Berlin Marathon 16th September or perhaps later in the month. Some sources say the first watches should be made available on September 29th.

To add to the hype Polar has published a teaser video on their website. They’ve also added a page where you can register to be the first to hear the news.

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9 thoughts on “Polar Vantage V Triathlon and M Multisport Watch: pics, specs and pricing

  • Features will include oxygen saturation and hydration is my guess from reading up on what polar has been saying in interviews etc as something to focus on

    • Automated hydration tracking would be a big deal. A few wearables in the works but no-one has succeeded yet in doing this.

  • Looks like a massive unit. Similar size to the Garmin 5X. The metal objects on the back could be the contact points for the charger. (But hopefully it’s something more exciting 🤔)

  • I bet that the 4 metallic round items would be used for charging/sync. The way it is done at V800 was often criticized. So i think this could be some magnetic way like apple used at his laptops. Just my guess but I don’t see in the picture any other even hidden connector.

    • You’re probably right.

    • That is what Polar used on their Loop and M600, if I am not mistaken

  • I think those 4 skin contact electrodes are intended for measuring HRV which has not been possible using optical sensors so far. I bet the watch will be charged wireless.

  • Qualcomm is announcing its new Android wear chipset on Sept. 10th – I wonder if these will have Wear.OS Functionality as well (and that’s why their announcement is on the 16th). It could be that the new Vantages are replacing the V800, M600 and M430

  • I hop the brightness is okay. Other than that, this is long over due.


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