BedJet 3: heat or cool your bed sheets with intelligent climate control

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BedJet is a product that provides temperature control for your bed. The company has turned to crowdfunding once again, having successfully delivered two versions of the gizmo since 2014.

Like its predecessors, BedJet 3 is powered by an engine that sits under your bed or next to your rest. It works by blowing air through a hose attached to a nozzle that fits under or over your sheets. This creates a small cushion of turbulent air between the bedsheets that lifts the top bedding off by a small amount. Alternatively, you can choose the Aircomfort Cloud Sheet that replaces your bottom sheet. The sheet has specially designed interior cavities to facilitate air-flow.

With the app, you can then pre-set the temperature as per your preference. All it takes is about a minute for your bed to heat up or cool down.

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BedJet’s patented biorhythm temperature technology enables programmable temperature control for every hour of the night. If two people in the bed want to customize their own settings, the Dual Zone setup separates the airflow going to either side of a bed. So if you have two BedJets its possible to head or cool the two sides of the bed to different temperatures.

The gizmo also does away with the need for an alarm clock by hacking into your body’s natural biorhythm. It does this by adjusting your body’s core temperature. This activates a pre-programmed circadian reaction in your brain resetting your internal clock and giving you the signal that it’s time to rise up and shine.

In addition to everything from the previous generations, BedJet 3 comes with a color screen remote control, upgraded mobile app and the ability to communicate through Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth. You can also control it purely with voice commands through Alexa, skipping physical controls entirely. Finally, it also integrates with smart homes through IFTTT.

The campaign which launched about a week ago is doing really well, having smashed through its goal many times over. Backers can expect to receive BedJet 3 in December.

Price: $249 and up

Funding open:

$627,919 raised out of $28,000 goal
24 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2018

View on:

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