Samsung Health 6.0 brings a fresh user interface and additional features

Samsung Health 6.0 brings new user interface and featuresSamsung has announced an overhaul of its Health app. Version 6.0, which is rolling out now and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, brings a fresh new design and some added features.

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The most noticeable change is the revamp of the user interface. The home page in particular is benefitting from a fresh coat of paint. You can see a screenshot of the new dashboard on the right.

The page displays all of your daily activity including steps, active time, exercise, sleep and more. But its all now more simplified and intuitive. Plus everything can be customized allowing users to prioritize features they are most interested in.

The improved Together tab makes it easier to connect with your friends and the Samsung community. This is where you can access challenges, celebrate fitness milestones, share photos and more.

The enhanced Discovered tab gives access to health related articles, fitness tips and more. Additionally, users can now purchase wearables, accessories and more through the app.

Samsung Health 6.0 brings new user interface and features

“At Samsung, we are committed to empowering users with the tools to manage their own health and well-being,” said Peter Koo, SVP and Head of the Health Service Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

“We’re proud to deliver a service that continues to redefine the health and fitness experience, with new features to help our users to achieve and exceed their health goals.”

Samsung says the latest version of Samsung Health also features better integration with its wearables. The software has been especially tweaked to work nicely with Samsung’s latest smartwatch, Galaxy Watch. The update allows users to choose from one of 39 different exercises from their wrist.

The fitness tracking hub is built into Samsung phones but you can install it on other Android devices, too. If you want to give it a whirl, the software can be found on the Google Play Store.

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