SunShift: the sun-powered shirt for cellular rejuvenation and UV protection

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Sunshift is a new class of apparel. It uses sunlight to produce healthy red and near-infrared light for the body, it blocks UV radiation and is noticeably cooler.

We all know sunlight can be both and good for us. Moderate sun exposure is necessary as it enables our body to make vitamin D. This is necessary for proper bone development and growth. Too much sunlight, however, is bad because of UV radiation. This ages our skin more quickly and is known to cause basal and squamous cell skin carcinoma. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

To this end, a North-Carolina based startup Lumiton has come up with a range of casual athletic T-shirts. Dubbed SunShift, their main party trick are special yarns infused with laser technology. This allows the shirts to absorb sunlight, become energized and produce healthy red and near-infrared light.

For those not in the know, clinical research has shown that red and near-infrared light rejuvenates cells. This has the effect of providing you with healthier skin, increased collagen, reduced pain and inflammation, improved athletic performance and more. Body cells simply perform better with light.

The shirt has the added benefit of protecting you from UV radiation. The SunShift is UPF 50+ because the laser technology smartly recycles UV into healthy light. The apparel also has a cooling effect because the laser technology does not allow sun energy to build up in the fabric.

This is certainly an interesting Kickstarter project. It fair to say smart clothes are yet to take off in a big way. But we can certainly look forward to a not too distant future when having smart clothes in your wardrobe becomes the norm.

Price: $60 and up

Funding open:

$58,172 raised out of $50,000 goal
7 days to go

Estimated delivery: December 2018

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