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Apple launches new iteration of the Beddit sleep monitor

A recent FCC filing hinted Apple had something in the works, and now it is official. The Cupertino outfit has just launched a new iteration of the Beddit sleep monitor. Version 3.5 comes with slight design tweaks and an updated app.

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This is the first new Beddit sleep tracker since Apple acquired the Finland-based outfit back in May 2017. You can now pick it up on the Apple Store for $149.95.

Like the previous iterations, the device adds intelligence to your bed and gives insights into your sleep. The 3.5 model is a thin 2mm strip that slips under your bed-sheet from where the pieze force, capacitive touch, humidity and temperature sensors do its thing. Beddit doesn’t touch your skin and once installed, requires no further hassle. The sensor pod on the latest version is slightly smaller and the cable has been shortened from 3 to 2.4 meters.

Apple launches a new iteration of the Beddit sleep monitor
Image source: Apple

In the morning the app dishes out data on your sleep time, bedtime, time to fall asleep, time awake, time away from bed, wake-up time, time snoring and sleep efficiency. The new software also lets you set daily bedtime and sleep time goals.

Many were hoping sleep tracking would be added to the Apple Watch in September. Unfortunately, the battery life on Series 4 has not improved enough to warrant adding a native sleep app. It looks like it may take another year or two before we see this functionality slapped on to Apple’s smartwatch.

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