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CES 2019: The Chronolife vest predicts heart-attacks before they happen

Appearing at CES 2019, Chronolife is a vest embedded with sensors that aims to predict the onset of heart attacks before they happen.

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CES 2019: The Cronolife vest predicts heart-attacks before they happen
Image source: Chronolife

The garment comes from a French startup that goes by the same name. The hope is the vest can be of help to those who are diagnosed with chronic or congestive heart failure.

The sensors inside the garment measure six key physiological metrics in real time including ECG (HR, HRV), Pulmonary Impedance (edema characterization), Thoracic Respiration (respiratory distress), Abdominal Respiration (respiratory distress), skin temperature and physical activity (fall detection). The info is combined with machine learning to anticipate medical emergencies before they happen.

The shirt slips on easily and is meant to be worn daily. It’s fully machine washable, it doesn’t require an internet connection or charging. The data is accessible to the user through a smartphone app, and healthcare providers can tap into this, too.

The Chronolife vest is not available to buy just yet, and is currently waiting for regulatory approval. The company hopes to receive CE marketing for Europe in the spring, and FDA approval for the US market this summer. When it launches it will retail for an estimated €200.

Chronolife is now looking into ways to use this technology to come up with predictive solutions for a number other medical conditions. This includes sleep apnea, sudden infant death and epilepsy.

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