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CES 2019: the Dyno smartwatch is a 4G LTE wearable made for kids

At CES 2019, Coolpad Americas has introduced a smartwatch for kids. Called Dyno, it offers 4G LTE connectivity, a simple user interface, an SOS button and a robust design.

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The device is the first family-oriented connected product to come from Coolpad Americas, a company previously known for their entry-level budget devices. It won’t be the last, though. The Texas-based outfit promises more to come as it refocuses on “purposeful technology that the whole family can benefit from.”

CES 2019: the Dyno smartwatch is a 4G LTE wearable made for kids
Image source: Coolpad Americas

Aimed at 4 to 9 year olds, the colorful and attractive Dyno provides a friendly, animated interface with intuitive navigation. It comes with interchangeable royal blue and baby pink watch bands in the box, and a durable IP65 rating to ensure against accidental spills and splashes.

Most importantly, the watch has nationwide 4G LTE connectivity in the US and Canada. This allows for voice and text message communication, customizing safety zones complete with location notifications.

This sounds ideal for parental monitoring, location tracking and emergency contact features. Whats more, the accompanying smartphone app ensures only approved contacts can communicate with your kids.

“Children’s safety is a central concern for parents today, and smart, safe wearable technology has the potential to provide the ultimate peace of mind by connecting parents and kids together,” said Casey Ryan, CEO, Coolpad Americas.

The watch offers up to two and a half days of battery life and will even track step count. You can pick it up from January 28th for $149 at Additional retail partners will be announced soon.

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