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CES 2019: Muse Softband uses guided meditation to lull you into slumber

Muse has revealed a headband at CES 2019 that helps you meditate as you’re falling asleep. Dubbed Softband it also keeps tabs on your nightly rest.

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The Toronto wearable startup is a big name in the high-tech meditation space. They offer a head-style device that gives users real-time feedback on what is happening inside their brain while they meditate. The first generation device detects changes by using seven EEG sensors along the scalp. Muse 2 slaps on a heart rate monitor, accelerometer for body movement and breath for even better tracking.

While you meditate, the headband measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into sound that you can hear. When you’re calm, you’ll hear the sound of peaceful weather. If Muse senses your mind wandering, you’ll hear the weather sounds get stronger, gently guiding you back to calm.

The upcoming Softband tackles sleep issues by using guided meditation to help you fall asleep faster. Unlike its predecessors, this one comes in the form of a flexible soft band. This is necessary as you’re meant to wear it in bed.


You’ll be able to ask Alexa to play a meditation soundtrack, or simply use a regular speaker or a pair of earbuds. Softband automatically detect when you’ve fallen asleep and turns off the sound.

For the rest of the night the brain-sensing tech will track your sleep behavior. In the morning, the accompanying Muse app spits out info on how well you’ve slept including wake time, REM/Light/Deep sleep, heart rate, respiration rate and movement. It also gives tips on how to improve sleep patterns.

Muse is aiming for a Q4 2019 launch. Softband is expected to retail in the $250 price range.

Source: Digital Trends; TechCrunch; Muse

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