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New job postings add fuel to Google Pixel Watch rumors

Hints about an upcoming Google branded smartwatch keep rolling in. The latest comes in the form of new job listings on the company’s website.

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Many were hoping we’d see the rumored Pixel Watch last year, but Google’s Director of Engineering on Wear OS, Miles Barr dispelled all hopes in late August.

“To think of a one-size-fits-all watch, I don’t think we’re there yet,” he said speaking with Tom’s Guide.

“Our focus is on our partners for now.”

Well, we’re into 2019 and with a new year come new hopes. Last month, Google announced that it has  entered into a $40 million agreement to buy smartwatch technology from Fossil Group. Fossil is one of the primary brands that continues to build smartwatches under Google’s Wear OS platform.

Commenting on the deal, Greg McKelvey, Fossil’s Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Digital Officer said that it will result in the launch of “a new product innovation that’s not yet hit the market.” What exactly this means is anyone’s guess, but it does sound promising.

A couple of weeks ago code watchers uncovered activity in AOSP by some Google employees surrounding two new devices. The names salmon and medeka emerged in the code, with evidence suggesting at least one of the two (and maybe both) refer to a smartwatch.

Now, a couple of new job listings have appeared on the Google Careers website which further confirm the company has not given up on its wearable ambitions. The positions are based in Mountain View, California at Google’s headquarters.

As spotted by Android Police, the first is for a Vice President of Hardware Engineering for Wearables. The description states that the person will work with senior leadership for Google Hardware. Their responsibilities will include overseeing the design, development and shipment of Google’s wearable devices.

The second posting is for a Wearables Design Manager for Consumer Hardware. This one is a bit more vague, though. According to the description, the person will lead and guide the efforts in the definition of “what it means to hold ‘Google in your hand’.”

Whether or not the job listings and other activity support the on-going development of the rumored Pixel Watch or something else remains to be seen. Google has so far declined to comment.

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