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Fitbit announces major redesign of smartphone app

Fitbit was all the rage yesterday with its launch of four new budget friendly fitness devices. This includes a cut down version of Versa called Versa Lite, Inspire and Inspire HR and the kid-friendly Ace 2. However, buried in the release was also an item about changes coming to Fitbit’s companion app.

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It will soon benefit from a major redesign that should further streamline the experience. The upgrade also brings Fitbit Focus, a new section that will be located at the top of the dashboard. This will deliver educational content with info on healthy activity and habits.

A Fitbit spokesperson said more personalised services will be offered in the future, including coaching, guidance and tips. Users will also be able to better connect to the company’s health and fitness social community.

The news comes at the same time Fitbit revealed a new rewards beta program. The initiative encourages users by awarding points for activities such as steps, sleep and active minutes. If you hit your daily targets you’ll be able to redeem the points and save on products from Fitbit and partner companies, including adidas, Blue Apron and Deezer.

The beta programme is experimental ahead of Fitbit’s plans to launch a “paid premium service” later this year. What exactly this entails is not entirely clear.

“Since founding Fitbit almost 12 years ago, we’ve focused on making health fun and achievable for everyone – regardless of fitness level or goals,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit.

“Today we have a growing, supportive community of more than 27 million active users around the world who are getting more active, sleeping better, reducing stress, managing weight and getting healthier from being ‘on Fitbit,’ which is a testament to the power of our platform and our consistent innovation across our devices, software features and mobile app experience.”

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