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Fitbit launches Versa Lite, a more affordable version of its popular smartwatch

fitbit launches versa lite a more affordable version of its popular smartwatch 266x300 - Fitbit launches Versa Lite, a more affordable version of its popular smartwatch
Image source: Fitbit

A few weeks ago images appeared online showing Versa in colors previously unknown to this brand. Some have speculated this is Versa 2, but it’s official now that this is Versa Lite edition. The smartwatch can be pre-ordered on Fitbit’s website from today.

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The simplified version looks pretty much identical to the original. But look closely and you’ll spot some differences. Lite has just one button instead of the Versa’s three. This is a power/wake button which means all navigation is done by swiping and tapping on the screen. The tracker also comes in a few new colours including Lilac, Marina Blue, Mulberry and White.

The watch is made of the same lightweight aluminium as the original. The size, shape, and screen are all exactly the same. Versa Lite comes with a heart rate sensor, Connected GPS, 4-5 day battery life and almost everything else you’ll find on its predecessor. The bands are backwards compatible with the original models.

fitbit versa lite edition to come this spring image specs price leak 1 - Fitbit launches Versa Lite, a more affordable version of its popular smartwatch
Image source: Fitbit

So what are the differences?

Versa Lite doesn’t have on-board Wi-Fi and on-board storage for music. The original comes with 2.5 GB of memory, which is enough for around 300+ songs. Finally, there’s no NFC on the new iteration. You’ll have to opt for the Versa or Versa Special Edition if you want to make payments on the go.

In terms of fitness, there is no altimeter on-board which means the device will not count floors. Despite its excellent 5 ATM water-resistance, it also won’t track your swim laps. Finally, while Fitbit Coach provides on-screen workouts on Versa, the on-screen sessions won’t run on Lite.

The fact that Fitbit has cut some corners means that Versa LITE costs $160, some $40 below the full edition price. Availability should start from mid-March.

View technical specs comparison: Versa vs Versa Lite

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7 thoughts on “Fitbit launches Versa Lite, a more affordable version of its popular smartwatch

  • What is Fitbit doing? Down grading every year!? Your suppose to upgrade your product and make it better than the first. Why would you lower the density of the light, when people want it bright. And taking off the memory for the music, should have just left that on. Maybe give an option over features….you want waterproof or all these amenities?

    • Waste of money if your in the UK. No apps for us.

    • Not sure I really understand the point of coming out with a lite version. Especially when the price is hardly even a discount to the original.
      Canadian, it would cost $216. I can buy a brand new fitbit versa original for $229 on amazon.

  • Umm… What. Lower quality and less features? Please tell me this is an early April fool’s day joke…

    Who would even buy this? I don’t care about the obnoxious new colors because I’m not 13. How about a substantial launch that’s a step ahead of Apple for your adult customers? 🤦

  • Now that the Charge has waterproofing in it’s 3rd version that is the true Versa Lite.

  • I recently purchased a fitbit watch for my wife and she loves it very much, but she now would like a pink band instead of the black or gray which the watch came with. How do i get a pink band. The watch is a fitbit versa

    • Buy it on the website


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