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Polar OH1+ heart rate strap comes with ANT+ and better swim tracking

Polar has announced today the OH1+. In addition to Bluetooth, the strap features ANT+ connectivity and comes with a clip that allows swimmers to measure heart rate from the temple.

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In our review we found its predecessor, the OH1, to be a great product. It makes heart rate tracking simpler than ever. The little gadget is light, comfortable and can be worn around the upper or lower arm. What impressed most, though, was the accuracy of readings. Its close to what you would get with a heart rate chest strap and much better than a wrist based heart rate device.

The iterative upgrade comes with a few extras.

There is now one more way to wear it thanks to a google clip which can be used to secure OH1+ to swim googles. This allows for heart rate measurement from the temple. Swimmers can view real-time info on compatible devices or readings can be stored on internal memory for review later on. The thing is machine-washable and waterproof down to 30 metres.

Polar OH1+ heart rate strap comes with ANT+ and better swim tracking
Image source: Polar

The strap will also now connect with gym and studio equipment (such as treadmills), as well as third-party cycling computers and other devices thanks to ANT+ support. This is an upgrade many have been patiently waiting for.

Polar is upgrading some if its older devices, too. A software update will soon enable current Polar OH1 and H10 users to enjoy dual ANT+ and BLE connectivity.

“Chest straps and wrist-based monitoring have their places in training, but OH1 + was designed as a comfortable option when scenarios call for more evolved heart rate options,” said Riikka Rae, Product Segment Manager at Polar.

“For example, with OH1 +, you can simultaneously transmit your heart rate in BLE and ANT+ to your smart trainer as your Polar watch records training load data, helping ensure the documented intensity of your training session is always accurate.”

With an internal memory capable of storing up to 200 hours of training and a battery life of up to 12 hours there is little not to like. If you are planning to ditch the old chest strap this is a great option.

The Polar OH1 + including the goggle clip for swimmers can be purchased for $79.95. It comes in a choice between black, grey and orange armbands. Stay tuned for our full review in the weeks to come.

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