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Runtopia launches its first GPS sports watch, the Runtopia S1

Runtopia, the smart sports and fitness brand, has launched its first ever GPS running watch. The device is currently going for $99 on Amazon Prime and eventually will retail for $129.

Runtopia launches its first GPS smartwatch, the Runtopia S1
Image source: Runtopia

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The company is best known for an app which lets users track and analyse running data and enter events such as online marathons. Runtopia created a strong and large following around their software. This currently numbers more than 2,000,000 from over 260 countries.

The outfit recently launched REACH, a pair of smart running shoes. The footwear analyzes your running form and gives you instant real time audio feedback as you run.

But now, Runtopia has set its sights elsewhere. The S1 is its first wrist wearable, a very affordable GPS running watch.

The lightweight device has a 47mm Zinc Alloy case and rubber strap. Its 3 ATM water resistance rating means you can wear it come rain or shine. But as this is a running watch don’t expect it will count your laps in the pool. There are only two sports modes – indoor and outdoor running.

Runtopia launches its first GPS smartwatch, the Runtopia S1
Image source: Runtopia

Under the hood is an accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor and GPS+GLONASS. Pretty standard stuff, so far.

With such a strong following, it’s no surprise the watch has been designed to work with the Runtopia app. Users can receive audio coaching when running based on real-time pace, speed, distance and heart rate. They’ll also benefit from the large community of users.

In addition to the low price and popular app, a big selling point is the super-long battery life. The watch can go nearly a month on standby and 8 hours with GPS switched on. That enough for 2 marathons (for some).

“Runtopia aims to make smart sports and fitness available to everyone,” said Vivien Jiang, International Director of Runtopia.

“The launch of our first smartwatch is a major step in Runtopia offering a complete range of products to help users make the most of their workouts.”

Compatible with Android and iOS, the device also includes an alarm clock, compass and notifications. This is primarily a running watch, though, so don’t expect the full smartwatch experience.

Runtopia S1 is currently only available in the US (Amazon link). It should make its way to Europe and other countries soon, although there is no set date yet. We are expecting to test the watch out in the near future so keep an eye out for our full review.

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