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Get apps, data fields and more via the new Garmin Connect IQ

Garmin has launched a standalone app to help users personalise their wearables and cycling computers. Connect IQ makes it much easier to manage, search for and download apps, widgets, watch faces and data fields for your Garmin device.

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The software looks and functions like a “traditional” App Store. You are presented with a main dashboard which lets you expand different categories. These include Navigate Your World, Digital Watch Faces, Performance Metrics, Analog Watch Faces, Training Metrics, Fun Watch Faces, Having Fun, Weather at a Glance, Active Lifestyle Apps and much more.

A pull down menu lets you choose between All, Watch Faces, Device Apps, Data Fields and Widgets. Taping on any of these presents you with the most downloaded software in the chosen section, a list of recent additions and rankings by rating.

Get apps, data fields and more via the new Garmin Connect IQ app

The app also allows you to manage your devices. Everything that is installed on your Garmin wearable or cycling computer will appear in Connect IQ.

You can then manage, delete and add new items, and check how much storage is left. Downloads are sent automatically from the app to the device, making everything a breeze. You never even have to leave Connect IQ.

Get apps, data fields and more via the new Garmin Connect IQ app

Garmin says it has also added Face It! integration. This allows users to create custom smartwatch faces with their own photos.

“Connect IQ is ever-expanding in growth and popularity, and we’re excited to streamline the process of how our customers shop, download and manage their content,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales.

“Connect IQ lets customers bring personality and customized functionality to their device and the new app makes this easier than ever to do.”

We applaud Garmin for taking this route. While Garmin Connect is transitioning into a decent software platform, the management of apps, watch faces and data fields has always been a bit clunky. With its easy navigation and simple interface, Connect IQ makes the whole process very simple.

Garmin has introduced the new app at its three day Connect IQ Developer Summit in Kansas, which concludes today. You can download the Connect IQ app now for both Android and Apple.

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