Wraapit: a smart snap-band for the outdoorsy types

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Wrappit is the world’s first outdoor smart snap wrap band, designed to keep you connected on the go.

We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s a big hassle taking your phone out of your pocket or trying to pull off a sleeve to check a message on your smartwatch. The reasons could be numerous. You might be in a middle of an activity, it might be cold outside and your device is sitting under layers of clothing, or your might be wearing gloves.

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Wrappit is here to help. Made of flexible, elastic material, it features a retractable system that allows you to install it in just one second. It attaches around a sleeve, steering wheel, wristguard or handle bar. From there, it becomes your new smartphone controller.

The gizmo features and OLED screen and specially designed buttons allowing you to control phone calls calls, read messages, play or shuffle songs or use the turn-by-turn navigation. It can be controlled with only a thumb, eliminating the need to take off your gloves or hands from the steering wheel.

You can also use the thing as a bike computer. Its speedometer shows the time, speed, distance, altitude. Or use the built-in accelerometer and magnetometer as a compass when in unfamiliar territory.

Wraapit operates at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius, in conditions where smartphones and smartwatches struggle to work well and quickly lose power. Battery life is a full 30 days in sleep mode and about a week in regular mode.

This is certainly an interesting wearable that might interest the outdoorsy types or those that live in cold locations. Usual warnings about crowdfunded projects apply.

Price: $90 and up

Funding open:

$17,895 raised out of $32,517 goal
19 days to go

Estimated delivery: November 2019

View on:

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